Music Residencies and Retreats


sessionThinking about a trip to Chattanooga, or the Southeast USA in general? Do you love music and like getting away from mainstream entertainment for a more authentic, local experience? I offer my services as your “cultural tour guide” for anywhere from a 1-day to 1-week retreat focused on music, great food, and rejuvenating time in the outdoors. Music retreats can be enjoyed solo, as a couple, or with a small group of friends. I can help you plan from the ground up (finding the right accommodations, budgeting, transportation, etc.), or simply step in with a few insider tips for what you can get into while you’re here. I can finely detail your itinerary, or simply add a “splash” of music for your stay in the area. Call with your ideas for dates, and I’ll give you an idea of the rates! 423-779-6581




For experienced musicians who want to get to know Chattanooga from the inside out, I organize multi-day residencies where you can put your skills into action teaching, performing, discussing, recording, and connecting. pianointhestreetWe will use a variety of venues around town, including some unconventional ones, facilitating worthwhile musical experiences for everyone involved. More than just “having a gig” in Chattanooga, these residencies are planned creatively to engage our community in new ways, share your talents beyond the usual pool of concert-goers and bar-hoppers, and to put you in a unique position to enjoy Chattanooga as a working musician. Community music residencies in the past have included school presentations, special music for church services, classes at community centers, brunch gigs, busking, house concerts, and more.


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